We understand that every classroom is full of readers at varying levels. Here are some ways you can use our online materials to differentiate for all the readers in your classroom:

We provide two additional levels of each issue of Scholastic News: a lower Lexile level and a higher Lexile level.

To find the lower Lexile level:

• Go to the issue page and click on “Listen and Read.”
• Then select “Easier Level,” and you’ll be taken to the digital issue. It has all the features of the on-level issue, including the vocabulary slideshow and the interactive page 4 activity.

To find the higher Lexile level:

  • Look in the Resources box at the top right
  • Click “Higher Level PDF"
  • You’ll get a downloadable pdf of the issue that you can project or print out

Audio Read-Aloud

Striving readers can get a comprehension boost from our audio read-aloud feature. Each issue is read by a real person (not a computer voice!), with words highlighted as they are read aloud. This feature is great for modeling fluent reading. The lower-Lexile level version of the issue also has the audio read-aloud feature.